Acupuncture: In-Between Treatment and Individual Empowerment.

In my acupuncture practice, my time is often spent doing more than just inserting the needles. A considerable amount the hour session is spent in dialogue. Patients come in, wanting to be empowered by making changes after they leave my office.

In trying to figure out how to enhance my practice by optimizing the patient experience on their journey to health, I have slowly been introducing a dietary and lifestyle outline to patients. Food and diet have always been a passion for me, and for almost half my life, I’ve studied nutrition on my own. Recently, one of my patients, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, asked me what he could do on his own to feel better. He has a stressful job, and is a father to 3 young children. He wanted to implement some changes in his diet and lifestyle, but didn’t really know how to begin. His personalized outline included recommended dietary additions, foods to eliminate, books/blogs to read, and inspirational videos to watch. He took these recommendations very seriously. The outline spawned changes that he was able to implement immediately, and he has since been passionately furthering his knowledge on his own. His symptoms have since lessened, and, though this is not a cure for his disease, he feels stronger, empowered, and more positive about his situation.

As an alternative medicine practitioner, our work often goes beyond what we are trained to do. Part of ‘medicine’ is knowing that your patients are being heard and understood. My goal with each and every one of my patients is that they understand that they can do something to make themselves feel better even after the needles have come out. They feel empowered and in more control of their health and want to continue with these changes. These are the kinds of people who are coming through my door these days; those who want to achieve maximum wellness while feeling empowered to make changes…for better health.

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