Some thoughts on celebrating 5 years in business…

Next month, I am celebrating my 5th year in business as a Chinese Medical Practitioner. I started the practice during a time of extreme uncertainty, when the economy was starting to decline. I planted myself in the Copley Square area of Boston, even though this neighborhood was considered ‘saturated’ according to many of my colleagues. I had always loved this area of the city and was determined to start my practice here.
Starting my own business in this uncertain period was scary at times, but I feel it was this fear that kept me motivated to work harder and smarter in order to build the business. I learned skills that I was never forced to learn before. The clinical part of the business was familiar, but networking with strangers, pitching my business in 1 minute or less, was unfamiliar territory. Acupuncturists are typically people who want to help other people become well, however, business savvy doesn’t tend to be one of our strong points.
I crawled out of my comfort zone and learned the art of running a business. In the process, I have met so many wonderful people, between my amazing patients and all the other small business owners in the area, many whom I consider good friends.
Chinese Medicine is a career that was chosen as a labor of love that I have made into a sustainable business. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to help others, while being my own boss.
Thanks for reading, and Happy Moments!

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