Year of the Snake

I’ve been eyeing these shoes since they came out last month. There is a New Balance store in the same building as my office, so on a break yesterday, I ran downstairs to see if there were any left. Luckily, there was one pair left in the rainbow color, just like a snake’s skin. And, they were my size! Perfect! I took that as a sign that they were meant to be mine, and scooped them up. After finishing my yearly mailing to all my favorite patients and business contacts, (by hand no less), I felt that these were well deserved.

Happy Year of the Snake!



My first fresh rabbit!

I bought a rabbit today at the Wayland Farmer’s Market. I was quite excited, as I’ve, 1). Never bought a rabbit before, and, 2). I’ve never cooked a rabbit before. Just carrying the freshly-killed-as-of-yesterday, (thank you, Rabbit), mammal around the farmer’s market caused quite a stir and a huge curiosity factor. I even heard how one of the vendors once made a road kill bunny for his friends one night and how delicious it was.

Anyway, thanks to Back Yard Birds, I will be preparing a rabbit dinner in the next few days. I’ll keep you posted..


Valentines Day Gumbo


It was a little tough to find the file powder, but I ended up finding it at Formaggio in the South End of Boston. This recipe came from my latest favorite cookbook, ‘Paleo Comfort Foods’, by Julie and Charles Mayfield. I have been to New Orleans once and this gumbo came out just as I remember it on my visit. It was so delicious and easy to make after a long day at work. #paleo #primal #acupuncture #boston