Snacking at North Station

It’s tough to make the 6:25pm commuter rail when I finish my last patient at 6pm in Copley Square, but I was feeling brave and decided to take the risk tonight. Alas, I missed the train, with the next one not leaving for another hour.

All this Paleo eating and working out lately has me hungry and expecting meals on a regular schedule, and today was no exception. Famished, I came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t eat until I got home. Only McDonalds, Crazy Dough’s Pizza, (no GF options), an ice cream place, and a bar present as the only food and beverage options. As my Harry Potter book became less interesting when my stomach started growling louder, I looked ahead and saw the Newstand. Perhaps, just maybe, they will have a healthy snack. I thought I was really going out on a limb by hoping there were Kind bars. I approached the Newstand. Popcorn, Planters Salted Nuts, Pringles, Combos..I’m SOL, aren’t I? I kept going. Found the snack bars..Nature Valley, Kellogg’s, Nutri Grain…wait. I think I see it. The beautiful, colorful wrapper of the Kind bar. Could it be? Yes, and there was a selection. I grabbed the first two that were not so loaded with sugar, turned around, and saw, (gulp), organic dried pineapple and apples. I paid for my two bars and pineapple, and almost $8 later, I felt like I was in good shape until I got home.


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