Nature’s Grocer

I decided to take an impromptu trip home to see my family in NY state today, and during the drive, my body reminded me that it was time for lunch. Of course, anyone who strives to eat healthy understands how difficult it can be on the road.

While driving along I-84 going west, I saw a huge billboard advertising a gluten free bakery and health food store called Nature’s Grocer in Vernon, CT. Ironically, the billboard is placed right next to a huge McDonald’s sign. The words ‘Gluten Free’ mean the world to me these days, so of course that really stood out. I’m also preparing for a trip to Paris later this month, and was listening to Coffee Break French‘s lesson on ordering a coffee, so a hot beverage was also sounding spectacular, so I stopped.

Nature’s Grocer is so close to the highway, and chocked full of gluten free snacks, healthy nibbles, and a full stock of supplements. You might know by now that my preferred diet is Paleo, so I even was able to pick up a Vermont Smoke and Cure Summer Sausage and a Paleo ‘treat’ by Hail Merry Miracle Tart. Yum!

I always love to share these kinds of gems when I find them, because they are few and far between. Typically, I am always carrying food with me, but today I ran out of the house in attempts to hit the road at a decent hour.

What about you? How do you deal with healthy eating while traveling?




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